If you're thinking about converting to natural gas, look no further. We're a South Jersey Gas Participating Contractor, so you can switch to gas and still enjoy great Foley service.


Gas Facts

foleymech.jpgWhy Gas?

Because it’s reliable
Approximately 85% of the natural gas consumed in the United States is produced domestically. This vast resource assures customers of a ready supply of fuel.

Because it’s safe
Our industry spends over $4 billion annually to ensure the safety of natural gas customers just like you. At South Jersey Gas, we take great pride in our safety record as well. We train our staff in accordance with very strict state and federal safety regulations.

Because it’s clean
Natural gas is the cleanest-burning fossil fuel. By switching to natural gas, you can help ease a number of environmental concerns — greenhouse gas emissions, acid rain, smog, solid waste and water pollution.

Because it’s economical
Natural Gas is the most efficient and cost-effective energy source for water heating, clothes drying and cooking.

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